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Tired of COVID-19? Exciting adventures & travels of 2021 in Mongolia / Photo travel guide #01

2020 was like “Blank space” from modern travel world-history due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Mongolia is currently locked down for COVID-19, but hopefully, things will get better in 2021 and we’re now accepting bookings for the most exciting adventures and travels in Mongolia.

This is Mongolian photo guide #1 which features Western Mongolia, the Golden eagle festival, and hunting with mighty Golden Eagles that can help you to plan your Mongolia tours with us.

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A young generation of Eagle hunters

Experience “Golden Eagle festival & hunting with Golden eagles culture”. There are 2 festivals in September (on 2nd weekend days) and October (on 1st weekend days) which can give you broad knowledge about Kazakh nomads and their a thousand years of the traditional culture of hunting with the Golden eagle.

If you’re avoiding crowds and don’t want to stick to a fixed date, we’re happy to organize a private event including 30-40 eagle hunters and will enjoy every single thing of the event and hunting with Golden eagle experience right upon your eyes.

private golden eagle festival

“Hansonar 2019 – private Golden eagle festival”. Organized by Premium Travel Mongolia

While you’re enjoying the festival or private event/festival, meeting with eagle hunters/huntress, there are more interesting places to visit such as the majestic Altai Mountains with the highest point of Mongolia Mt. Khuiten (4374 m) – tower the Western Mongolian plains and this land is also a dozen ethnic groups including the Kazakhs, who are renowned Eagle hunters.  We’re happy to assist with the planning!

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Western Mongolia, Altai mountains

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Spring migration in Western Mongolia – you can participate in the spring migration tour.

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