Ten thousand horses – #annualwinterfestival

What things you can do and see in winter, Mongolia?  Well, may you heard Mongolian winter is cold, hard and freezing etc. But,

Mongolia is not the coldest place on earth

And, if you want to visit during a wintertime there are quite a many places and events that you could enjoy in Mongolia.

One of them is:

Do you ever heard 10thousand horses FESTIVAL? – And it is one of the annual winter festivals.

How awesome, isn’t it? Seeing thousands of horses running around in front of you…

Experienced and young horse-trainers will challenge their craftiness in that festival. And this winter festival takes in east part of the country hold with support of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Governor’s Office of Khentii aimag(eastern) and the Department of Arts and Culture in November.

The festival is important to to boost winter tourism in Mongolia by attracting foreign and domestic tourists, to preserve the nomadic tradition and to glory skillful horsemen, emphasizes the organizers.

Various events such as driving herd of horses, short-distance race, presentations of race horses and a parade of unique-colored horses, children parade on horseback, competitions of lasso and taming a horse, a tour to herders wintering place, expo on local brand products, photo exhibition and concert will be organized during the festival.


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on Nov 03, 2018