Glimpse of Mongolia through two different aspects: Singer & Zinger VS Filmmaker through their films.



1.Michael Roberts, New Zealander.

Artist, filmmaker, drone pilot and traveller visited in Mongolia, 2017. And shared such an enigmatic short-movie of beautiful landscapes. Some of aerial footage from the trip showed in this video!


2.Suiyōbi no Campanella– internationally known as “Wednesday Campanella”, Japanese music band.

The Group combines musical elements of EDMJ-Pop, and Hip Hop genres, formed in 2012.

“Wednesday Campanella” visited in Mongolia, 2017. They released music video to their new track “Melos“ which filmed in one of the National Park. From the beautiful vocals and awesome guitar chords. Huge future bass drop. Everything about this MV is amazing! Exceptional part is they added a break-beat part! Music Video

Furthermore, we want to note that how Mongolia is getting popular day by day! Lets just remember the amazing TV series “Marco Polo” by Netflix. Thanks to the American screenwriter John Fusco. The hit Marco Polo TV series might never have got off the ground if its writer hadn’t been inspired by a horseback trip in Silk Road territory with his son through Mongolia.

PS: Who said it impossible to visit in wintertime in Mongolia? No one,isn’t?

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on Jan 24, 2018