“Mongolian Golden Gobi” – the Gobi desert

Mongolia is a lot more than that – globetrotters are mesmerised by the diverse natural and cultural wonders that Mongolia has to offer. 

  • Highlights of the Gobi desert: Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs with dinosaur remains, a sunset camel ride at the Khongor sand dunes & oasis, hike in the Glacial Yoliin Am Gorge with glimpses of wildlife, Khavtsgait petroglyphs and small dunes of Moltsog etc
  • Things to do: camel riding, hiking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, nomadic culture experiencing, 4×4 driving, and biking.
  • Mongolia tours with the Gobi desert: The Naadam festival & Gobi desert tour – 8 days join-in tour with fixed dates  Jul 05 – 12; Mongolia Highlights tour – 10 days join-in tour with fixed dates; Mongolia Grand Journey – 13 days join-in tour with fixed dates; and Essential Gobi experience – 3 days private tour. 

Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs in the Gobi desert

Bayazag is a beautiful valley with Gobi saxual trees, red earth cliffs, and sand. In the 1920s American explorer, Roy Chapman Andrews made Bayanzag world famous as he found nests of dinosaur eggs – the first ones the world has seen, as well as well-preserved fossils of many unknown dinosaur species from here. The name Flaming Cliffs was claimed to be given by Mr. Andrews himself. Bayanzag is about a 1.5hr drive from the Gobi airport. 

bayanzag, dinosaur sitesPhoto credit to: Bayar. B

Khongor sand dunes, Gobi 

Is Mongolia’s largest and most beautiful sand dunes that stretch for about 200km and at some parts heights as tall as 200m. Also called the Singing Dunes, Khongor has a beautiful oasis and a small stream, and some meadow giving visitors an exceptional chance to admire the Gobi at its’ best. Sunset watching at Khongor is amazing.  The oasis is about 5hr drive from Dalanzadgad airport. 

the gobi desert, khongor sand dunesPhoto credit to: Uuganbayar. B