Virgin Nature & Rare Wildlife

This post communist country has a huge territory that is 3 times size of France. The Mongols have beautiful traditions to conserving the nature and as its results, Mongolia is today’s least touched land. Situated in the high plateau of Central Asia, Mongolian terrain mainly consists of Siberian taiga, famous Gobi desert, Altai Mountains and Central Asian steppes. Over 4000m high Altai Mountains tower the western part of the country. The taiga – picturesque Huvsgul Mountains dominate the northern Mongolia with the pristine lake Huvsgul. Darkhad valley in stunning Huvsgul is famous for sport fishers with its huge Taimen! Central part of made of forested mountains, mountain steppes and is a perfect place for hiking & horse treks. The magical Gobi, its magnificent steppes are in the southern Mongolia. Genghis Khan’s birthplace Khentii Mountains border with the Great endless steppes in the east. You will admire Mongolian photogenic countryside while traveling through this lovable country!

Mongolia is rich in wildlife and you will see rare species of animals, birds that cannot be seen elsewhere.

You have the opportunities of photographing endangered Asia wild ass, Argali sheep, Snow leopard, White Naped Crane, Snowcock, Saiga Antelope, Wild camel, wild horse Takhi, the Gobi bear, thousands of gazelles and many more.

At last, NATURE

The most intriguing thing about Mongolia is its natural environment. Nature has shaped the religion and philosophy of Mongolians. It has inspired the simplified and satisfied way of living. It is also nature, which at times is harsh and formidable, which has inspired the close – knit and respectful relationships of people. Through thousands of years, nomads have passed on their wisdom of worshipping, adapting, and living in harmony with nature instead of being frightened by it or destroying it. This knowledge has been passed down through music, songs, costumes, customs, tales, and myths that have been told over many nights. The nomadic lifestyle may seem a slightly inconsistent with the modern world. However its harmony with nature is truly unique and powerful to bring out the true nature of a person.


source: Mongolia brochure by Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia

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