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“Military man burial” of 500 – 700AD in Khovd province

Mongolian archaeologists and university researchers discovered the burial site recently in Munkhkhairkhan soum of Khovd province, western Mongolia. The burial belongs to a military man of 552 -745 AD and very well preserved due to the high altitude. According to local nomads’ the Khovd local museum researchers found and recorded the site in Oct 2015, and further informed the Science Academy of Mongolia based in Ulaanbaatar. The findings include a saddle, a bridle, a ceramic pot, a wooden bowl, 4 different kinds of Deels (traditional Mongolian costumes), a felt rolled burial, a well embroidered mat, a carriage, an iron pot, a horse, a sheepskin, a sheep-back (prepared for eating) in a felt bag, etc.

Images of the findings from the excavation at a burial in Munkhkhairkhan soum of Khovd province.

military man burial

A military man burial 


A saddle in the burial

findings from burial in Mongolia

Other findings in the burial

a rug

An embroidered rug

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on Apr 06, 2016