When in Mongolia

Thomas Kelly  and his beloved wife Carrol Dunham who she is an anthropologist – this fascinating couple has seen many parts of our world but has decided to settle in Asia where they live a totally different life from the one we know here on the island. They have shared with us their  one of […]

Fancy some Mongolian contemporary-literature.?

Fancy some Mongolian contemporary-literature? Ms. Ulziitugs is one of the most celebrated writers in Mongolia, and one of her stories has been translated into English recently. Enjoy! 😃👍  In “Aquarium,”Ulziitugs Luvsandorj explores the inner world of a woman who has been transformed by a mysterious circumstance as she observes the formerly unseen aspects of her family […]

Mongolian horses & horseman

Mongolia’s ancient instrument striking a chord

101 East is a multi award-winning weekly television programme, broadcast by Al Jazeera English, that focuses on current affairs in Asia and the Pacific. On the following program they interviewed the one of the well-known craftsman of “Morin Khuur” or “Horse Fiddle”-  traditional Mongolian bowed stringed instrument. And, we can see how this evolved from beautiful […]

A Medieval city rises in 3D-MONGOLIA

Karakorum – A medieval city rises in 3D (Mongolia) Digital preservation of cultural heritage has become an important tool for archaeologists and conservationists. The 3D visualization of the medieval city of Karakorum gives us new exciting insights into the very heart of the Mongolian empire. Karakorum (in Mogolia) lies approximately 320 km west to the […]

Finger Licking Tastes of MONGOLIA

How much do you know about Mongolia and their Food Culture? Food in Mongolia is affected by its extreme continental climate, because of which the diet primarily comprises of meat, dairy products and animal fats. Spices and vegetables are served but in limitation. Because of the country’s history with China, Russia and other neighbors, the […]

3,333 Children recite “INDEPENDENCE” Poem in ULAANBAATAR

Making up the shape of Mongolia, 3,333 general education students gathered at Sukhbaatar Square on April 5 to simultaneously recite “Independence” poem written by Purevdorj Dendev, state honored author. President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga came to watch the recital of the children dressed in colorful deels. Children in primary schools reportedly practiced the 16-verse poem for […]

Mongolia Releases The Very First Animated Movie – “Genghis Khan”

#Who loves animation? We are presenting “Genghis Khan” animation based on the “Secret History of Mongolia” under the auspices of the President of Mongolia Battulga Khaltmaa. “Genghis Khan” animation created by the “Ocean Pictures” for 5 years is completed. 2D and 3D combined animation “Genghis Khan” is the first Mongolian animation since film industry was […]