Mongolia Traditional Dance

Mongolian traditional folk dance: BIELGEE

HISTORY OF BIELGEE Biyelgee dance is believed to be originated from the nomads and their ger /nomadic dwelling/ occurred in history. A report written by S.Soronzonbold, State-Honoured Music Scholar on Music of Hun Dynasty concluded that Biye biyelgee dance might have been originated from the Hun Dynasty. Furthermore, Mongolian Secret history, which is the largest source […]

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Contribute to protect famous Mongolian dinosaur remains

#Mongolia is famous for #dinosaur remains, and some leading Mongolian researchers started the “Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs” with the vision to develop a self-sustaining active community of Mongolian #paleontologists and a museum in Mongolia to preserve dinosaurs and other national treasures for generations to come. An opportunity to conserve fossils while enriching […]

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Mongolia -one of the world’s ten best ethical destinations for 2017

Mongolia has been selected as one of the world’s ten best ethical destinations for 2017 by Ethical Traveler, nonprofit organization a project of the Earth Island Institute. The countries on the 2017 list include Belize, Cabo Verde, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominica, Palau, Tonga, Uruguay and Vanuatu. Every year, Ethical Traveler reviews policies and practices of […]