In a world made small by smartphones, we crave escape into otherness

It’s easy to romanticise places where the thing that has you in its thrall hasn’t arrived yet – until you realise it may not have arrived for market-driven reasons Whether the world feels small, close and manageable, or foreign, unknowable and chaotic, says something about where you live and what sort of device you carry […]

Chicken Resembled Dino or Ancestor of chicken?

Toothless species of dinosaur that lived 100 million years ago and fed on eggs is discovered in Mongolia It has been named Gobiraptor minutus after the Gobi desert where it was dug up Belongs to the same familyas the  crested oviraptorosaurs in Jurassic Park Huge jaw which crushed shells and survived on eggs, seeds and molluscs […]

Genghis Khan exhibit opens at Gulf Coast Exploreum

Here in below we are introducing one of the famous explorer, collector, great author of our time: Mr.Don Lessem or simply Mr Dino   It was during trips to Mongolia as a sponsor of several dinosaur excavations that former Boston Globe reporter Don Lessem became obsessed with finding out the truth behind Genghis Khan. Lessem […]



Born January 26, 1884, explorer Roy Chapman Andrews would later become best known for his globetrotting ways and was even said to be the model for movie icon Indiana Jones 1. Whales Researcher, 1908−1913 Early in his career at the Museum, Andrews spent time in the field—or rather, at sea—studying whales. 2. Leader of the […]

Yet Oddest, strangest dinosaur fossil confirmed that found from Mongolia, Highlight of 2017

Yet Oddest, strangest dinosaur fossil confirmed that found from Mongolia, Highlight of 2017

A newly discovered dinosaur fossil has features that may look oddly familiar to us. Found in Mongolia, Halszkaraptor escuilliei looked and hunted like a duck.   Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different dinosaur species may have lived in Mongolia throughout the Mesozoic, a time period that began 248 million years ago and ended 65 million years ago in a mass […]

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Contribute to protect famous Mongolian dinosaur remains

#Mongolia is famous for #dinosaur remains, and some leading Mongolian researchers started the “Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs” with the vision to develop a self-sustaining active community of Mongolian #paleontologists and a museum in Mongolia to preserve dinosaurs and other national treasures for generations to come. An opportunity to conserve fossils while enriching […]