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We’ve missed you! Mongolia 2022 tours are starting from June

It seems like we all have “loooong winter vacation” at home. Finally, there we’ve got sun and summer. We hope that you’re SUPER excited about the new adventures of you coming in this summer of 2022. Our Premium Travellers are arriving in June 2022 and we’re bouncing off the walls here, too. We’ve missed them […]

Mongolian summer 2021: for your travel inspiration of 2022

Mongolia is a country that depends on weather conditions because of its livestock pastures in the wild and nomadic lifestyle. The summer of 2021 was pleasant enough to pasture for herds in 70% of the country. Yes, it was fascinating summer to travel to Mongolia. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic (COVID-19), we haven’t welcomed our […]

In a world made small by smartphones, we crave escape into otherness

It’s easy to romanticise places where the thing that has you in its thrall hasn’t arrived yet – until you realise it may not have arrived for market-driven reasons Whether the world feels small, close and manageable, or foreign, unknowable and chaotic, says something about where you live and what sort of device you carry […]

Nations unite at peacekeeping exercise in Mongola

The Mongolian Armed Forces and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command have announced their participation in Exercise Khaan Quest 2019, scheduled to be held at the Five Hills Training Area, Mongolia from June 14 through June 28. Khaan Quest is a multinational exercise co-sponsored by U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and hosted annually by the Mongolian Armed Forces. Khaan Quest […]

85-year-old Mongolian breaks world record at WMACI in Poland

The Father of TEN brought his THIRD GOLDEN Medal in Home Country along with WORLD RECORD March 28, 2019 – Tseren Radnaa, an 85-year-old Mongolian athlete has broken the Masters M85 world record in the indoor 400m at the 8th World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor (WMACI) in Torun, Poland. Tseren Radnaa from Umnugovi Aimag (Southern […]