A Medieval city rises in 3D-MONGOLIA

Karakorum – A medieval city rises in 3D (Mongolia) Digital preservation of cultural heritage has become an important tool for archaeologists and conservationists. The 3D visualization of the medieval city of Karakorum gives us new exciting insights into the very heart of the Mongolian empire. Karakorum (in Mogolia) lies approximately 320 km west to the […]

Horseback journey across MONGOLIA

French photographer talks about his journey across Mongolia Born in Carcassonne, France, in 1989 Pehuen Grotti is a self taught Photographer. His work is focused on the relationship between Human and Nature through documentary photography while traveling. In September 2017, his adventurous instinct led him to the steppes of Mongolia, where he bought a horse in Murun and […]

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Mongolia – Most Remarkable Voyages to Far-Flung Destinations

Originally, The New York Times Magazine Voyages issue is a twice-yearly tradition that appreciates travel and exploration in all of its forms. They chose some of the best writers and photographers to take readers with them to far-flung destinations through incredible stories and pictures. Here, we look back at some of their favorite voyages of […]

Mongolian Traditional Dwelling “Ger”

Making Mongolian Ger Dwelling more Energy-Efficient Not much is known about energy use and comfort in gers. A team hopes to change that with their on-the-ground research in the coldest capital city in the world, as well as in Philadelphia. Gers, called yurts in Russian, are the traditional one-room round, tent dwellings of Mongolian herders. […]


In my following story about my homeland is about beautiful young and gifted women in Mongolia from different areas and that published on BBC under the topic <Modern women in the land of Genghis Khan> into how Mongolian new generations are see and interacting themselves through the urbanization. There has been significant amount of research done […]

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A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings Nowhere are horses more central to daily life than in Mongolia. Mongolia is known as the land of the horse, and Mongols have a reputation for being the best horsemen on Earth. “It is not possible to imagine Mongolian history without horses,” says J. […]

From the Steppes to the Stage, BBC

  From the nomads of the vast steppe, to the glamour and adulation of the stage. Kate Molleson unravels the story of Mongolia’s remarkable rise to being an opera superpower.     They did together amazing behind story of BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2017’s Song Prize winner, Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar, about his roots in the […]


Glimpse of Mongolia through two different aspects: Singer & Zinger VS Filmmaker through their films.     1.Michael Roberts, New Zealander. Artist, filmmaker, drone pilot and traveller visited in Mongolia, 2017. And shared such an enigmatic short-movie of beautiful landscapes. Some of aerial footage from the trip showed in this video!   2.Suiyōbi no Campanella– […]