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Contribute to protect famous Mongolian dinosaur remains

#Mongolia is famous for #dinosaur remains, and some leading Mongolian researchers started the “Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs” with the vision to develop a self-sustaining active community of Mongolian #paleontologists and a museum in Mongolia to preserve dinosaurs and other national treasures for generations to come.

An opportunity to conserve fossils while enriching lives & improving a rural economy

The lack of both knowledge and facilities dedicated to paleontology means that extremely few young Mongolians are choosing paleontology as a career, and fossils themselves are vulnerable to erosion, accidental destruction, and poaching. People who live near one of the world’s most famous fossil quarries benefit very little, if at all, from its presence.

We believe a museum at Bayanzag is the best solution for the above issues, will be a positive force in the local community on many levels, and is an exciting opportunity to bring Gobi conservation, tourism, scientific research, and education into the future.

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on Apr 17, 2017