Genghis Khan exhibit opens at Gulf Coast Exploreum

Here in below we are introducing one of the famous explorer, collector, great author of our time:

Mr.Don Lessem or simply Mr Dino  

It was during trips to Mongolia as a sponsor of several dinosaur excavations that former Boston Globe reporter Don Lessem became obsessed with finding out the truth behind Genghis Khan.

Lessem had heard the stories of the Mongol leader’s penchant for ruthless killing, but that didn’t track with the way he was revered among Mongolians. Everywhere he went, everything he saw — even hotels, coffee shops and beer — Lessem was reminded about the leader.

“Every single thing in the country is named for him,” he said. “He is celebrated.”

This fascination eventually led him to create the “Genghis Khan: The Great Civilizer” exhibit, currently featured at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center in downtown Mobile.

The exhibit, Lessem said, helps dispel the “racist myths” about Khan and many of the “misconceptions” about his life.

It’s true Genghis Khan killed some of the people he conquered — it was a “factor of the times,” Lessem said — but the image of him as a mass murderer is inaccurate. More often he used “mental warfare” and helped to create the “largest peaceful civilization in the world.”

Lessem said Khan is responsible for introducing paper money, passports, hamburgers, gunpowder and many other things to the west.

“He brought sophisticated things from the east to the west,” he said.

The exhibit will be in town for 93 days and will invade the entire top floor of the Science Center at almost 8,000 square feet.


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on Feb 11, 2019