Great Naadam festival 2015 – event program 10 – 12 Jul

Naadam Festival is an event that one must not miss! The first records of the Naadam dates back to the Hunnu Empire (209 BC), when the nomadic tribes competed with each other to test the strengths of their men and horses, and this ancient festival has been passed through generations until today. The Naadam comprises three traditional sports of the Mongols, namely archery, wrestling and horse racing; with ankle bone shooting added later. Today Naadam is celebrated nationwide commemorating the victory of People’s revolution in 1921, and each and every town & village holds their own Naadam mostly in the month of July. Women participate in all but the wrestling competition.
The Great Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar is on 11-12 July annually and is the largest Naadam in scale. And, here you can find the Naadam festival program.


naadam 2015


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on Jul 09, 2015