Horse riding in Mongolia

Mr. Benjamin Au is a military colonel in Malaysia and one of his dreams was “Horse riding in Mongolia”. He made his dream come true and travelled in Mongolia in Jun 2015 and joined for the horseback riding trip with us.  He said  “I am very happy with the whole trip, my companions Baaska, Orsh and horse guide Oggi. Last day was a surprise, there was a mini Nadam – horse race and wrestling by the lake, that was a bonus. My 3 days riding trip was also most enjoyable, I would want a longer ride next time perhaps 5 – 7 days.”

Mongolia is a wonderful place for horse trekkers with its vast green steppes with short hills, beautiful mountains and river valleys. Its deep blue sky makes the trip more beautiful and enjoyable. This horse trek features Mongolian Forest Mountains, bare mountains with lower altitude, rivers, lakes and hilly steppes.
Here we’ve got few photos from his trips. Enjoy! If you want to horse trekking in Mongolia, please contact with us.




Can you recognize Ben out there? He is not a tourist anymore among wrestlers, looks like a real nomad on Mongolian traditional costume – “Deel”


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on Jul 16, 2015