Marvelous Mongolians – Session Number ONE

  • Jantsannorov.N (1948-) is a acclaimed composer. He started to make his notable work since Socialist Mongolia and one of the well known piece is “Queen MANDUKHAI the Wise”. The Wise Mongol queen ruled Mongolia during fifteenth century in empire’s most challenging period.

  • Sharav.B (1952-) is composer and pianist. He has composed over 200 songs and composed for more than twenty major motion pictures, eight concertos for Mongolian folk instruments, three symphonies, and four ballets. Furthermore, he commissioned by Yo-Yo Ma for the Silk Road Project in 2000, for which he wrote his piece Legend of Herlen. Also of note is his Genghis Khan composition (2003). Two of his compositions featured at the Stanford Pan-Asian Music Festival in February 2011


  • Ariunbaatar.G (1988-) is a Mongolian baritone.

Young but professional yet gifted singer!

 In 2015, Ariunbaatar performed at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and at the Cadogan Hall in London, and he sang Yeletsky’s Aria from Tchaikovsky’s The Queen of Spades at Buckingham Palace. He was jointly awarded the Song Prize award at the 2017 BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition, singing Rossini, Verdi, and Tchaikovsky, and in Mongolian. In 2016, on the occasion of the 854th birth anniversary of Genghis Khan which is marked as the National Pride Day, the top state prize of Mongolia, the Order of Genghis Khan , was awarded for his many great awards and achievements on the international stage.

  • Norovbanzad.N

(1931–2002) was a Mongolian singer of the traditional long song.

Born in southern province of Mongolia, She grew up in a family of herders. She started her working career as a typist at the provincial court in 1952. After winning several local and provincial singing competitions she moved to the capital city Ulaanbaatar to pursue her singing career full-time.

Norovbanzad was awarded Ardiyn jujigchin (“National Artist”) merit by the Government of Mongolia in 1999 and was voted the Singer of the Century by the people in 2000. In 1957 she won a gold medal of the World Festival of Youth and Students held in Moscow with 34,000 participants, and the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in the category “Arts and Culture” in 1993.


  • Altan Dugaraa  (1982- )

Mongolian famous male ballet dancer who is head of Mongolian Ballet Development Foundation and World . Further Read;


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