Mongolia Releases The Very First Animated Movie – “Genghis Khan”

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We are presenting “Genghis Khan” animation based on the “Secret History of Mongolia” under the auspices of the President of Mongolia Battulga Khaltmaa.

“Genghis Khan” animation created by the “Ocean Pictures” for 5 years is completed. 2D and 3D combined animation “Genghis Khan” is the first Mongolian animation since film industry was established in Mongolia and please enjoy first English trailer of the animation.

The movie depicts the life and story of Genghis Khan, who is also known by his birth name as Temujin, the Mongolian who conquered most of Eurasia during the Mongol invasion in the 13th century. Also soundtrack consists of Mongolian songs under accompaniment of traditional musical instruments such as horse-head fiddle, zither and throat song and the main soundtrack of the animation sung by Khusugtun Ethnic Ballad Group who won second place in the international television talent competition “Asia’s Got Talent”.

Many foreign and domestic animation specialists collaborated in creation of the animation that met format quality of Walt Disney Company. The animation officially released on March 31.


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on Apr 07, 2018