Mongolia has not that many international flight connections to the world and it can be pricey. However, we have good news. In 2019, brand new international standard of and bigger airport is going to be launched in Khoshigt valley – about 52 km away in the southwest of Ulaanbaatar as now Chinggis Khaan airport is the major international airport and we have very bright future for the international flight connections.

Now, there are few major carriers like MIAT (Mongolian Airlines), Air China, Korea-Air, Turkish Airlines and Aeroflot are currently on business/from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Istanbul, Berlin, Frankfurt, Moscow and Hong Kong.

Except from these major air routes to/from the world to Mongolia, Aero Mongolia – Mongolian domestic carriers are doing flight to/from Hoh Hot of Inner Mongolia, Irkutsk of Siberia, Russia. Another domestic airline Hunnu Airline has a flight between Ulaanbaatar and Mănzhōulǐ, but schedule can change with the seasons.   

Mongolia has long winter and summer is short, so travel season is like between May to Oct 01, so early booking for the international flight is suggested in the summer time especially in July where we celebrate our Naadam festival.


Mongolia is famous as its Trans – Mongolian Railway which gives the best opportunity to explore Asia and Europe one Trans – Mongolian train westbound starting from Beijing – Ulaanbaatar – Lake Baikal – Irkutsk – Novosibirsk – Yekaterinburg – Moscow and eastbound from Moscow and all the way through Russia to Mongolia and Beijing, China. Travellers except from Mongolia, Russia and China are allowed to enter Mongolia via Zamyn – Uud in the south, Altanbulag in the north land border points. And smaller borders also exists for Mongolian, Russian, and Chinese travelers in the west, east, north and south and these small borders are for vehicles only.

Train # 23/24 runs two times a week between Beijing à Ulaanbaatar & Ulaanbaatar à Beijing in the summer time and in the winter time, it runs once a week and schedule is not permanent, so, please ask it from our travel experts.

Train # 004/003 runs once a week from Beijing à Ulaanbaatar à Moscow and back from Moscow à Ulaanbaatar à Beijing and the schedule is permanent. Also there is a train between Hoh Hot, Inner Mongolia  à Ulaanbaatar and Ulaanbaatar à Hoh Hot, Inner Mongolia.

Train # 263/262 has a daily departure between Ulaanbaatar à Irkutsk and Irkutsk à Ulaanbaatar. Train # 005/006 runs 2 times a week in the summer time from Ulaanbaatar à Moscow and Moscow àUlaanbaatar and once a week in the winter time.

If you need more specific train schedule and info, our travel consultants can help you.