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You need a tourist visa to visit Mongolia for 30 days of period. Please check whether your country has either of Mongolian Embassy or Honorary Consulates of Mongolia. But of course, there are some counties that are exempted from visas:

List of countries/regions that are exempted from Visa to enter Mongolia

In order to apply for a Mongolian visa, you need an official invitation letter from a tour operator or Mongolian consulate. Some countries’ citizens like China, Taiwan, and Indonesia need an official invitation letter from Mongolian Consul in Ulaanbaatar with a help of a Mongolian tour operator. Mongolia visa fee is different at every embassy. For those official invitation letters, you don’t need to find someone to make it for you. We provide our official visa support invitation letters to our travelers who are booking our tours free of charge and the passport holders from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc need an extra charge for the Mongolian consul invitation letter and there is no extra charge for our service which we’re applying for it behalf of you.

Mongolia is awaiting you!  Visit Mongolia before it is too late. If you are passport holders from the following countries, you’re allowed to visit Mongolia within 14, 21, 30, and 90 days of time WITHOUT VISA.

Nation of Brunei , Hong Kong
14 days
  • Within 14 days of time,Bruneian and Hong Kong passport holders are valid to visit Mongolia without visa and for more period of stay, you need to apply visa at Mongolian Immigration after you come in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
21 days
  • Within 21 days of time, Philippines passport holders can visit Mongolia without a visa. For more periods of stay, you need to apply for a visa at Mongolian Immigration after you come to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Russia, Malaysia, German, Japan,Singapore,

Romania,Uruguay, Israeli, Cuba, Turkey, Laos, Thailand, and Canadian

30 days
  • Within 30 days of time Russian, Singaporean, Malaysian, German, Romanian Japanese, Israeli, Cuban, Turkish, Uruguayan, Laos, Thailand, and Canadian passport holders – free of Mongolian visa.
USA, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Brazil,

Argentina, Serbia and Ukraine

90 days
  • Within 90 days of time, USA, Belarus, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Argentina, Serbia, and Ukraine (with only an official invitation letter) passport holders can visit Mongolia without a visa.


If there are Mongolian Embassy or Honorary consulates of Mongolia in your country, what would you do to obtain a visa? Here is the answer to your question.

You can apply for a MONGOLIA VISA ON ARRIVAL at the International airport of Mongolia for arrival by flight and Zamiin – Uud and Altanbulag border for arrival by train.  For a Mongolia visa on arrival, you need the following documents.

  1. A copy of the official permission is issued by the Mongolian Immigration Office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  2. A copy of your passport that is effective over 6 months since the date of the arrival
  3. Visa application form (download here)
  4. 4X6cm photo taken within 6 months before your arrival
  5. Money to pay for the visa (depending on the type, entry number of your visa, the cost of the visa will be approximately 30-150 US Dollars.)

Finally, for external information, we are listing the selected number of Embassies, Consulates addresses, and their general information MONGOLIAN DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS ABROAD