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Spring Joy in Mongolia

Many of travellers don’t know much about Mongolian Spring. Because of they travel mostly in the summer season. The weather of Spring time in Mongolia is very changeable, mostly windy, some of days have cold, snowy weather,  but some of days are warm and calm. It is also the busiest time for nomads. They welcome new-born baby animals (sheep, goat, horse, cattle and camel).  Hearing new-born animals voice, bird tweets are the beautiful joys that you can experience in Mongolia. Below are beautiful photos of the nomads and their newborns in the Spring time in Mongolia. Photo credits to Mr. Uuganbayar Bazardari

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Young lamb in the barnyard


Nomads in the Spring place




Cute little calf


It seems young goat is friendly with lambs


Anemone is the flower which blooms firstly in the Spring and if livestock eat anemone, they’ll get easily their strength back.





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on Mar 07, 2016