Mongolian summer 2021: for your travel inspiration of 2022

Mongolia is a country that depends on weather conditions because of its livestock pastures in the wild and nomadic lifestyle. The summer of 2021 was pleasant enough to pasture for herds in 70% of the country. Yes, it was fascinating summer to travel to Mongolia.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic (COVID-19), we haven’t welcomed our travelers for the 2nd travel season, yet. The good thing is that we’ve got some photos diary to show you (taken by mobile phone) from the summer of 2021 in Zavkhan, Arkhangai, and the Bulgan province of Mongolia. Hope that we’ll inspire you to travel on your next holiday to Mongolia. Let us know the places that you’re willing to visit and things that you try to do in Mongolia. We’ll design something unique only for you and check out our Mongolia tours!

Full of life” – nomads are milking mares, cows, and other livestock are pasturing nearby in Bayan-Agt, Bulgan province, Mongolia. Nearby Tsagaan Gol springs – Bayan-Agt, Bulgan, Mongolia Wildflowers have made the valley purple carpet – Bayan-Agt, Bulgan, Mongolia.
Milking cows in the misty mountains. Am I dreaming? Bayan-Agt, Bulgan, Mongolia.

Crystal clear, picturesque lake – “Ulaagchyn Khar Nuur” Erdenekhairkhan, Zavkhan province, Mongolia.
Reed – “Ulaagchyn Khar Nuur” Erdenekhairkhan, Zavkhan province, Mongolia.
Can you find a town where half-wild horses are pasturing in the middle? Uliastai town, Zavkhan province, Mongolia.
Horse trainers are preparing their horses for the local Naadam festival – Naryn mountain pass, Erdenekhairkhan, Zavkhan province, Mongolia.

Yak herd in the summer camp nearby Uliastai town. Zavkhan province, Mongolia “Handyn Ereg” – Red dirt cliffs or the coast of Zavkhan river – Durvuljin, Zavkhan province, Mongolia Stunning Zavkhan river bordering Ikh Mongol sand dunes – Durvuljin, Zavkhan province, Mongolia
The most beautiful sunset over the Zavkhan river that I’ve seen ever in Mongolia – Durvuljin, Zavkhan province, Mongolia Another beautiful sunset  – Durvuljin, Zavkhan province, Mongolia Dreamy sunset over Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake in the Khorgo, Terkh National park. Arkhangai Province, Mongolia.
You can hear the morning song of Terkhiin tsagaan lake from this picture. Khorgo, Terkh National park. Arkhangai Province, Mongolia.

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