The story of Premium Travel begins with 2 young ladies working for a tiny start-up inbound tour operator 14 years ago. In the coming few years they’d work very very hard and the tiny company’d expand, and later they’d be joined by 3 other young ladies. Then altogether as a team they selflessly devoted themselves for creating one of the biggest names in Mongolian tourism. In April 2015 the big company went under a management change, and the 5 ladies decided to start their own company that would reflect their philosphies and desires. And here we are at your service!

From our previous experiences in different roles at all levels in tourism, we have learned that the quality of service is solely based on dedication, communication, proficiency, and trust – that is built among all stakeholders. Therefore, we are indeed attentive to our responsibility and roles in creating a wonderful tour experience for you. We at Premium Travel are proud of our prestige in the local and worldwide tourism community.

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Bolortsetseg (Crystal)
Travel Consultant

Crystal has a childhood dream of travelling the world and inspired by her dream she joined tourism industry in 2010. She designs excellent tour programs for her clients with a great passion and motivation as a dedicated lady. Born and grew up in the remote western Mongolia, Crystal loves going outdoors, biking and photography.

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Zolzaya (Zola)

Zola loves travelling and exploring new cultures as she believes “travelling is to live”. An Oxford School of Hospitality Management alumna, Zola directs the company’s marketing and handles foreign relations. She joined tourism industry in 2003, and her dream is to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in Mongolia.

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Battungalag (Tunga)
Operations manager

Tunga has started working in travel & hospitality as the General Manager at one of Mongolia’s best resorts in 2007. Her willingness to fulfill her clients’ needs lead her to become a top manager in her field. 1 year after giving birth to a lovely son, Tunga happily joined her team and now takes care of Premium Travel’s tour reservations fully.

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Nyamsuren (Nyama)

Nyama is an adventurer and a tough native of the Gobi, who started her career in tourism after completing several Raleigh International ventures successfully in 2001. As an MIB graduate and a happy mum of one Nyama oversees the company management, and enjoys biking and hiking in wilderness whenever she has some free time.

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Premium Travel Services is a fully certified Ulaanbaatar based company run by a team of passionate Mongolian travel experts with experiences over a decade in travel and tourism industry. At Premium Travel Services, we specialise in inbound tour operator, tourism trainings & consultancy as well as outbound business travel services. We are a proud member of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association), MTA (Mongolian Tourism Association) and ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association), and aim to bring in the best standards in what we do.

Premium Travel: is a specialist tour operator offering experiential journeys and tailor-made holiday tours for small, private groups of international travellers. We strive to deliver the highest quality travel services in Mongolia, creating a unique tour itinerary for you, and further making your Mongolia holiday a lifetime experience. You, as our Customer, can be confident that Premium Travel will organise your tour efficiently and will be there at your service throughout your Mongolia holiday.

Premium Training and Consultancy: We have set our ambitions to make an excessive difference in Mongolia’s current services quality in tourism supply chain. We work with tourist camps, niche service providers, NGOs assisting business development, new market entry, trade fairs participation and career counseling. Also we are happy to work with existing businesses to channel their business growth.

Premium World Travel: specialise in outbound travel for both business and leisure travellers, and arrange services such as visa, air ticketing, hotel booking and ground activities arrangements.