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Noriko Iida
from Japan

Dear Nyama, Vastness and beauty of Mongolia... Above all, people of Mongolia are big-hearted. I received your generous and warm heart very much. It was an amazing opportunity for me to stand on the Mongolian grassland with my own foot. I never forget the sunset seen with Doloo and never forget all hospitality that she and Mr. drivers have done for me. I'm praying for blessings of Ms. Nyama like the sun, and your family and staffs of your company.

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Jay and Michael
from the UK

Hi Zola, I would just like to extend a huge thank you to you and everyone that was involved in organizing our trip. We had the most fantastic time. The landscape on the route we did was so beautiful and diverse. The activities were fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed everything.

I would like to make a special mention for Zaya our guide. I honestly can say I don't think we could have had a better guide. Baagii our driver was also fantastic, we were forever impressed by how he knew which direction to drive in and his navigational skills!

Mongolia is a really fantastic country and I hope it won't be too long before we come back!

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A big thank you
Annette, SA

Dear Nyama

We unfortunately did not meet each other while we were in Ulaanbaatar. However, I know enough to know that I owe you a big thank you for your generosity in making a bus, guide and driver available to us at no extra cost while Uran and the rest of the party were in Terelj National Park. I want you to know that my husband and I sincerely appreciate this exceptionally kind gesture. Notwithstanding my misfortune the trip to Mongolia was still a very memorable one, made the more so by the very professional services provided by Premium Travel and excellent guides.

I wish you the very best for the future and trust that Premium Travel will prosper – Mongolia has much to offer the discerning traveler.

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Paradise in Mongolia
Chiara from Italy

Paradise exists and it is in Mongolia - i have instantly fell in love with this country and its incredible people! the only thing i wish would have been different is....having more time with the Duhka people - i promise to be back soon! Nyama Geser thank you for this super incredible trip...forever greatful! new friend, amazing people, super smart horses and reindeers (how many pictures of reindeers can you take lol?)

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Thank you from USA

Zaya was our guide & Baagii was our driver during our visit to Mongolia, 01 - 16 August, 2016. Zayaa goes far beyond what the responsibilities of a tour guide are. She demonstrated her exceptional skill of the English language, her extensive knowledge of Mongolia, its history, culture, customs, and was eager to share them with us, and took care of every single need we had - including needs we didn't know we had. Baagii was an extremely professional driver.The vehicle was more than comfortable, he drove on dirt roads, through raging rivers, through mud, and on 'real' roads better that I have ever seen in my life. In short, our visit to Mongolia with Premium Travel certainly was an amazing experience - but was made to be that because of Zaya & Baagii's expertise, professionalism, and welcoming demeanor. When I re-visit Mongolia, I will demand to have them as my guide & driver, because there certainly cannot be better Mongolians than these two. Brian

The trip was wonderful and very, very worthwhile
The trip was wonderful and very, very worthwhile

Just to reiterate the trip was wonderful and very very worthwhile. Mona and the driver arranged for us to visit a school which I found very interesting and a country store which is also a little glimpse into the regular world of a community.

I would have liked to have met a Sahaman but I guess we cannot have everything. Lots of our friends were surprised and envious that we went to Mongolia. I just finished reading the book "the lama with the green eyes". It is heart breaking and so typical for oppressive dictatorship regimes. I am still planing a party with my friends to tell them more about Mongolia, but I did not have enough time to organize all of my photos yet but will finish soon. It is just hard to decide which to show and which not to show because there is so much to show and tell.

Anyway I let you know when the party took place. All the best, Irmgard Borner from USA. Aug - Sep 2022

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Ben Au
from Malaysia

"I am very happy with the whole trip, my companions Baaska, Orsh and horse guide Oggi. Last day was a surprise, there was a mini Nadam – horse race and wrestling by the lake, that was a bonus. My 3 days riding trip was also most enjoyable, I would want a longer ride next time perhaps 5 – 7 days. My fondest regards to Baaska, Orsh and Oggi."

brent thomson
Brent Thomson
From USA

I'm finally getting a few minutes to write and tell you how much I enjoyed my last trip. You did a great job putting it together. Everyone we met and traveled with were wonderful and professional. Alima was beyond! So smart and professional not to mention fun! Thank you again for all you did to make this a trip of a lifetime. I'll definitely be back next year for the Altai.

Jordi Dosta
from Spain

I found an Alex proud of his work in Mongolia with your invaluable assistance. He thinks that now the trip, once last changes done, is very sealable for their high end clients, and will send you 2 groups in 2016. Today I had a Mongolia master-class with him. Great!