Fancy some Mongolian contemporary-literature.?

Fancy some Mongolian contemporary-literature? Ms. Ulziitugs is one of the most celebrated writers in Mongolia, and one of her stories has been translated into English recently. Enjoy! 😃👍  In “Aquarium,”Ulziitugs Luvsandorj explores the inner world of a woman who has been transformed by a mysterious circumstance as she observes the formerly unseen aspects of her family […]

3,333 Children recite “INDEPENDENCE” Poem in ULAANBAATAR

Making up the shape of Mongolia, 3,333 general education students gathered at Sukhbaatar Square on April 5 to simultaneously recite “Independence” poem written by Purevdorj Dendev, state honored author. President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga came to watch the recital of the children dressed in colorful deels. Children in primary schools reportedly practiced the 16-verse poem for […]

From the Steppes to the Stage, BBC

  From the nomads of the vast steppe, to the glamour and adulation of the stage. Kate Molleson unravels the story of Mongolia’s remarkable rise to being an opera superpower.     They did together amazing behind story of BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2017’s Song Prize winner, Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar, about his roots in the […]

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Young and educated Mongolians

Unlike any developing nations, Mongolians are highly educated with 98% literacy rate, according to UNESCO’s International Literacy Data 2013. One-third of the population is between 18 and 35 years old, Mongolia’s future is in good hands with many of the younger generation studying overseas and returning to share their knowledge. The nearly 3 million Mongolians, […]