Mongolia Releases The Very First Animated Movie – “Genghis Khan”

#Who loves animation? We are presenting “Genghis Khan” animation based on the “Secret History of Mongolia” under the auspices of the President of Mongolia Battulga Khaltmaa. “Genghis Khan” animation created by the “Ocean Pictures” for 5 years is completed. 2D and 3D combined animation “Genghis Khan” is the first Mongolian animation since film industry was […]

Horseback journey across MONGOLIA

French photographer talks about his journey across Mongolia Born in Carcassonne, France, in 1989 Pehuen Grotti is a self taught Photographer. His work is focused on the relationship between Human and Nature through documentary photography while traveling. In September 2017, his adventurous instinct led him to the steppes of Mongolia, where he bought a horse in Murun and […]

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Mongolia – Most Remarkable Voyages to Far-Flung Destinations

Originally, The New York Times Magazine Voyages issue is a twice-yearly tradition that appreciates travel and exploration in all of its forms. They chose some of the best writers and photographers to take readers with them to far-flung destinations through incredible stories and pictures. Here, we look back at some of their favorite voyages of […]



Born January 26, 1884, explorer Roy Chapman Andrews would later become best known for his globetrotting ways and was even said to be the model for movie icon Indiana Jones 1. Whales Researcher, 1908−1913 Early in his career at the Museum, Andrews spent time in the field—or rather, at sea—studying whales. 2. Leader of the […]


Glimpse of Mongolia through two different aspects: Singer & Zinger VS Filmmaker through their films.     1.Michael Roberts, New Zealander. Artist, filmmaker, drone pilot and traveller visited in Mongolia, 2017. And shared such an enigmatic short-movie of beautiful landscapes. Some of aerial footage from the trip showed in this video!   2.Suiyōbi no Campanella– […]

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Ten Thousands Camel Festival in Mongolia. Cold winter fun!

Ten Thousand Camel Festival, held in the middle of the amazing Gobi Desert of Mongolia is already one of the most famous winter festivals in the world. This thrilling festival was first initiated in 1997 by the locals of Umnugovi (South Gobi) province to celebrate Mongolian camels, to conserve the 2-humped Bactrian camel species, pass […]

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The Soyombo – a national symbol

The Soyombo traces its origins back to the country’s First Bogd Gegeen, or theocratic leader, back in 1686. The symbol was part of a new script that renowned Buddist scholar and artist Zanabazar created to write Mongolian in compatibility with Sanskrit and Tibetan, mostly to transcribe holy texts. Based on the Devanagari alphabet of India […]

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“Ger” – a nomadic house

The Mongolia Ger is classic “building” that expresses Mongolian concepts of symbolism. Although gers have changed over the course of centuries, with the development of new materials for example, it has yet to change in one way. It continues to exist in harmony with nature. Many years ago Mongolians believed that if they surrounded their homes […]

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Beautiful photo is better than hundred words

One of main tourist attractions of Mongolia is Nomadic lifestyle as the nation has kept their unique way of life through the centuries, from the time the Mongols ruled the world. Even today, in the stimulating XXI century of science and technology, Mongolian nomads tend their livestock and move for good pasture all year around. […]


Horse riding in Mongolia

Mr. Benjamin Au is a military colonel in Malaysia and one of his dreams was “Horse riding in Mongolia”. He made his dream come true and travelled in Mongolia in Jun 2015 and joined for the horseback riding trip with us.  He said  “I am very happy with the whole trip, my companions Baaska, Orsh […]