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We’ve missed you! Mongolia 2022 tours are starting from June

It seems like we all have “loooong winter vacation” at home. Finally, there we’ve got sun and summer. We hope that you’re SUPER excited about the new adventures of you coming in this summer of 2022. Our Premium Travellers are arriving in June 2022 and we’re bouncing off the walls here, too. We’ve missed them so much. 🙂

After the pandemic, we’re adapting a new travel organizing method in order to prevent covid spread. There will be 2-3 people in a car and the number of groups will be decreased etc. You can check more details here. Mongolia Covid-19 update  

For your Mongolia travel inspirations, here we’ve got some hints. The best time to visit Mongolia: is summer from early June till late August and autumn from September to October. For the rest of the year, it is cold and snowy with opportunities for winter adventure activities with Golden eagles, reindeers etc.

The top 10 most places to visit:

  1. Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs in the Gobi desert – known as dinosaur native land
  2. Erdene Zuu monastery in the Karakorum – 16th-century monastery in one of the most ancient cities of Mongolia
  3. Khongor sand dunes, Gobi – stunning and singing dune
  4. Terelj National park – the closest national park to Ulaanbaatar city
  5. Orkhon river valley – trails of the Mongol Empire’s glory and fall
  6. Bayan Gobi sands – a picturesque combination of sand dunes, green meadows, pretty lakes, and granite mountains in Central Mongolia
  7. Lake Huvsgul – is called “Mother Ocean” by the locals, and this 2 million-year-old lake makes up 2% of the world’s freshwater reserve
  8. Altai mountains – majestic Altai mountains, Kazakh minorities, Eagle hunters
  9. Hustai National Park – wildlife, wild Przewalski horse – Takhi, Ongot stone monument
  10. Ulaanbaatar – the capital city of a nomadic nation

TOP 10 things to do in Mongolia 

  1. Explore Mongolia by 4×4
  2. Stay in Ger (a nomadic home)
  3. Meeting nomadic people & cultures experiencing
  4. Attending the Naadam festival
  5. Experience Eagle hunting 
  6. Horseback riding
  7.  Photography
  8. Visit the Mongol Nomadic show, felt making event, reindeer festival, yak festival, and horse festival etc
  9. Enjoy camel riding in the Gobi desert
  10. Meeting a shaman in Mongolia

At last, EXPERIENCED AND DEDICATED team: we’re more than just colleagues after working together for 2 decades, with rich local knowledge & experience, and expertise in tailor-made tours. You can reach out to us here and let us design your Mongolia tours!

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