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Information needed in the pocket during your travel in Mongolia

Mongolia is a truly wonderful country to visit and enjoy the pristine nature scenery and unspoiled nomadic culture, yet, a very safe destination to travel. This ancient land of nomads is little changed from the days of Genghis Khan and his mighty Mongol Empire. Here’s some info that some travellers might find useful for their upcoming travels in Mongolia.

Weather: The sharp continental climate of Mongolia is mainly characterised by the northern wind & the landlocked location, the milder months start in May and last till mid October (many say that the best time to visit Mongolia is from mid June till the end of August when the temperature is +20’ C daytime on average), while the rest of year is mainly cold with December through February is the coldest time with temperatures easily dropping to -20’ C daily (and with lots of snow!). Overall, Mongolia enjoys about 250 sunny days a year, and the summer is wonderful.

Safety: Mongolia is one of the safest countries in the world. In the countryside it’s absolutely safe. The city of Ulaanbaatar, however, is much like any other big cities: do not walk alone in streets in the dark or alone. Also pick pocketing tends to be a problem in Ulaanbaatar, and tourists seem to be an easy prey for pickpockets, especially at crowded places such as the Gandan monastery, public transport, airport, train station and shops. The Naadam Festival CENTRAL STADIUM and the HORSE RACING PLACE are the place where you must be EXTRA careful with your belongings…

Health & Vaccinations: Mongolia’s dry, cold climate and sparse human habitation means there are few of the infectious diseases that plague tropical countries in Asia. The rough-and-tumble landscape and lifestyle, however, presents challenges of its own. Injuries sustained from falling off a horse are common in the summer season. Please do bring your own medical kit along with your daily medicine (if you take any, also a reference from your doctor could be helpful). If you do become seriously ill in Mongolia, there are several new hospitals in Ulaanbaatar, where English speaking doctors are available.

Travellers are strongly advised to have travel insurance before coming to Mongolia as there’s no insurance company in Mongolia offering travelinsurance for incoing tourists. Generally, the following vaccinations are recommended: Adult Diphtheria & Tetanus Single; Hepatitis A; Hepatitis B; Measles,Mumps & Rubella (MMR); and if you are staying for more than a month, you may wish to consider: Influenza A (winter); Pneumonia A; Rabies; and Tuberculosis (TB).

Traffic in Ulaanbaatar: It should be noted that due to the Ulaanbaatar city roads major re-construction works planned in the summer of 2015 – 2016, traffic in Ulaanbaatar on workdays is expected to be heavier. Therefore, it’s suggested that you take walking between museums, monasteries and restaurants.

Getting around in Ulaanbaatar: when you travel in UB you may wish to walk or take public transport (bus fee is 500 MNT ~ 25 cents per ride). And when you take a taxi only get those with official taxi sign (per km is 800-900 MNT ~ 50cents).

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