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Young and educated Mongolians

Unlike any developing nations, Mongolians are highly educated with 98% literacy rate, according to UNESCO’s International Literacy Data 2013. One-third of the population is between 18 and 35 years old, Mongolia’s future is in good hands with many of the younger generation studying overseas and returning to share their knowledge.
The nearly 3 million Mongolians, who inherited their vast land from their ancestors, have proud renowned young artists and dancers performed at the famous theaters such as the Boston Ballet and Russia’s Bolshoi Theater, award winning filmmakers, Olympic champions, world renowned scientists, and intelligent minds.

As G. Luvsanjamts, who studied architecture in Japan, said “Don’t be surprised if all business meetings are conducted with young businessmen, leaders and artists. I established my company a year ago, and I’m 27. My goal is smog – free, frost – resistant, and cost – effective housing.”

Another thing that can prove Mongolians youngsters have intelligent mind is Mongolians have long played intellectual games and Ulaanbaatar is even home to intellectual Museum that showcases these amazing puzzles to visitors. The technical games, which include wooden puzzles that many struggle to put back together, are said to have helped develop the intellectual capacity of locals.
Mental Calculation World Cup 2013 Calendar Calculation winter T. Myammarsuren can calculate the exact calendar day of your arrival based on the day of your decision to come to Mongolia in less than once second. He had practiced mental calculations for only 4 months when he won the World Cup. The sport of mental calculation is fairly new in Mongolia. You’ll be surprised to meet many individuals who are dominating in this field of sports.

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on Nov 09, 2015